The initiative

To be proud of your fetishism… Be yourself !

During my campaign, I shared my story and my discovery of video fetishism. Since then, I have received hundreds of messages from people who find themselves in my life and wish to progress and flourish in their turn…
This is where the idea of #BeYourself was born, an initiative that aims to promote fetishism (rubber, leather…) by sharing the history of each one, and the pride of each one, today to live his fetishism!

To participate, nothing could be easier:
1- Just put on your best fetish outfit,
2- To create a panel (on paper) with the hashtag #BeYourself on it (the panel is freely customizable)
3- Take a photo with the panel in hand
4- Write a few lines to tell his favorite story
5- And to send it all via the form of this site…
And it’s over!

Participate, share, and let’s all take pride in our community!